Thursday, March 12, 2009

#16: So what's in a wiki?

Wikis weren't completely unfamiliar to me before this lesson. I was involved with a photography event several years ago that had members coming from all over the country. One of the members suggested we use a wiki to coordinate scheduling. I had never used one at that point, but found it EXTREMELY helpful in making my schedule work around others' schedules.

However, I had never really thought about other ways that wikis would be useful. This helped open my eyes to all the wonderful possibilities that wikis could work for the library.

I particularly enjoyed The Ambient Librarian wiki which was FULL of lots of good information for librarians, a wonderful reference tool. I found the article on using wikis to create online communities especially exciting. This definitely follows along with Library 2.0, in creating a more user-centered library. They can add/edit/delete information on the wiki, and in the process help tailor the site to the community's needs/wants. The onus isn't solely on the librarian to decide what information is relevant to customers or to maintain the site itself. The customers do that for themselves. What a BRILLIANT idea!

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