Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#19: Discovering Web 2.0 tools

It was kinda hard for me to pick just one of these websites to write a blog about. There are so many great sites to choose from! And there were a number of them that I've already started using for personal purposes. However, when making my selection I tried to think of what would be useful in the context of the library setting. The 23 things touched on quite a few that would be extremely helpful to library staff and customers. However, I did manage to locate one that I thought would also be a good addition to the others.

Mango is a website that allows users to learn different languages free online, by offering lessons in 12 different languages. The lessons have audio segments with them, so you can hear how to pronounce the words and phrases. It is available to all who have access to the internet, and starting an account is free. The website states that they work hand-in-hand with libraries, and offer specialized technical support for library accounts. It is very easy to use, and wouldn't require staff training to assist customers with the site. There are also some lessons that users can download onto their mp3 players and study offline.

There are numerous reasons that I feel that this website would be beneficial to library staff and customers alike. Everyone can learn a new language, and be able to break down language barriers between people. It is simple and free, doesn't require downloads or extensive computer/internet knowledge.

I've already bookmarked this site, and feel that it will be very beneficial to me now in my current position and in the future, for both personal and professional reasons.

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