Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thing No 18 (Web Apps)

#18: Web-based apps: They're not just for desktops



Wow, what an amazing tool THESE websites are. I can't believe how much of this information I've been completely unaware of until this class. I found the Zoho site to be SO comprehensive, I was truly amazed at all the applications that it had available. There are countless ways that this could be useful to ANY business, even the library. And there are just as many countless ways that this could be useful for personal use as well. I like that it allows users to create and edit documents online, so there are not endless emails with attachments for revisions. You can just log-on and view the changes that have been made and know that these are the most recent ones. Its incredible that so many of the applications that are available in Microsoft Office are available online for anyone with internet access to use. And, as far as I can tell, the word processing application appears to be very easy to use. And then there are applications that aren't standard in Office, all conveniently located in one location.

On a final note, I created this blog in Zoho and I THOUGHT I had done what I needed to do to post it here in my blog. However, I did something wrong and only managed to post the title of the document. I had to go in and copy/paste from Zoho here.

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